Frequently Asked Questions

1.  Why can't I use a pencil in class?  Pencils have small parts that can get into the

keyboards and cause damage-graphite, bits from the eraser and so forth. 

The budget does not have money in it for new keyboards so we have to protect what we have!

2.  Why do we have to do the layered curriculum?  It helps prepare you for high school and college

because the class becomes similar to independent study.  You have control over your grades

because you choose what you wish to earn in this class-you do the work  and earn the grade. 

Isn't nice to know that you have control over your grade and not the teacher? 

Also, if you get sick you have access to what we have done in class prior to

getting sick so you are never behind!


3.  Why do we have to send you the work on edmodo?  Ok, I am human and can make mistakes.  If you send the work on edmodo, I can't misplace your paper.  When I grade your work on edmodo, you see the grade and can check to make sure I recorded into PowerSchool the correct grade.  Also you are human-you can not lose the work if it is on edmodo.  You will know if you turned in the work because the site tells you when you turned it in.  It helps both of us know what has been done and what grade you have earned.  The site is similiar to many sites used by colleges today, in fact many colleges do not accept hard copies-they only take items uploaded to the instructor on a certain website.