Study Guide for Final

Study Guide for Final


You need to know the following information:


1. How can using a cell phone distract you?


2. Know the definitions for the following terms:

a) Distract: to make it hard for someone to give their full attention to something

b) Multitask: to do more than one thing at a time

c) Target: the person being bullied

d) Upstander: someone who helps a person being bullied

e) Bystander: someone who sees bullying when it’s happening but does nothing to help

f) Cyberbully: someone who does something on the internet, usually again and again, to make another person feel sad, angry, or scared.

g) Copyright: A law that says that only creators have the right to say what others can do with their work

h) Plagiarize: using some or all of somebody’s work or ideas, and saying that you created it

i) Credit: to show in writing that someone has created a work

j) Keyword: A word you use to search for information about a topic

k) Private information: details about yourself,such as your date of birth or full name (that someone could use to pretend to be you on the internet)

l) URL: A uniform resource locator, abbreviated URL, also known as web address, is a specific character string that constitutes a reference to a resource.

m) Textbox: A text box, text field or text entry box is a kind of widget used when building a graphical user interface(GUI). A text box's purpose is to allow the user to input text information to be used by the program.

n) Search engine: a program for the retrieval of data from a database or network, esp. the Internet.

o) Web browser: a program used to view HTML documents

p) Password: a string of characters that allows access to a computer, interface, or system.

q) Character: a symbol representing a letter or number.

r) Website: a location connected to the Internet that maintains one or more pages on the World Wide Web

s) Webpage: a hypertext document connected to the World Wide Web

t) www: World Wide Web


3.What do you click on to open up a spreadsheet in Google Drive?


4.  To start a new project on Scratch you click what?



5.  To watch a Scratch project you click what?


6.  To start a typing web lesson you click what?


7.  To see how many minutes by day you have on typing web you click?


8.  On a document to change font size you click what?


9.  To center your work in a document you click what?


10.  To save a document in Google Drive you click what?


11.  What is the typing speed recommended after completing this class?


12.  What websites are acceptable to access in school?


13.  When searching for something on the web, you should use ________ words.


14. When you bully someone on the internet it is called what?


15.  How many minutes should you spend on typingweb?


16.  On your online profile, its important NOT to provide what information?


17.  A bystander is a person who does/does not what?


18.  You school e-mail should only be used for what purpose?


19.  How do you make a new document on Google Drive?


20. On Scratch how do you get your project to stop?


21.  On Scratch how do you get your project to start?


22.  How do you look for the script on a saved project?


23.  On a document, what do you click to make the word BOLD?


24.  On a document, what do you click to make the word underlined?


25.  On a document, what do you click to make the word text color different?


26.  What types of items can you create in Google Drive?



27.  What websites help you practice typing?


28.  What is a sprite on Scratch?


29.  What are some things that should never be on a social forum?


30.  Does Google Drive automatically save any work?


31.  What do you do if someone is cyber bullying you?


32.  If you don’t cite your sources what are you doing?


33.  What is a spreadsheet?


34. Which row on the keyboard has the letters that we use most of time?


35.  What does the shift key do?


36.  What is Google?


37.  What is Google Drive?


38. If your information on a spreadsheet is not in order, how do you put it into order?


39.  To insert an image in Presentation, what process do you use?


40.  How do you change the background of the cells?


41.  How do you create a presentation similar to Office PowerPoint in Google Drive?


42.  What is Scratch?


43.  What are the rows called in a Spreadsheet?


44.  In which direction do rows go on a Spreadsheet?


45.  In a Spreadsheet what are the columns named?


46.  In which direction do columns go on a Spreadsheet?


47.  How do you make a google account?


48. What is the difference between hacking and cracking?


49.  What is the scripts pane in Scratch purpose?

50.  The person being bullied is called what?